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Flying Cargo Logistics Services USA is dedicated to providing uncompromising service to our valued customers. Flying Cargo is an ISO certified company since 2004. Flying Cargo designs, documents, implements and operates Logistics programs tailored to our customers’ unique business requirements. Whether you need a B2B or B2C program, we have the people, technology and experience to do it right. On behalf of our customers, we operate a 100,000 square foot FDA compliant facility. We have significant experience with medical devices, electronics, telecom and manufacturing programs. We offer excellent communication through our Single point of contact Account Management strategy.

Flying Cargo USA is located adjacent to O’Hare International Airport with immediate access to the Interstate Highway system and close to several rail terminals. With our strategic location, we can service over 80% of the United States population overnight.

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Why Flying Cargo

Service Commitment

In 2005, the company together with all other FC Group Members, developed a Lean Management culture as its business philosophy, and is therefore committed to constantly examining all work processes and implementing improvements where necessary – in order to accommodate our customers' unique and changing requirements.

We are committed to providing the most up-to-date, comprehensive solutions for the entire supply chain, from receiving goods, warehouse storage and strict Inventory management, through value added services, to cargo insurance and distribution around the world.

Our solutions offer significant advantages such as:

  • Economy of scale and expertise - Flying Cargo allows its customers to leverage the capabilities of a professional and experienced provider. Size allows them to enjoy competitive costs.
  • Variable costs - the solution allows the customer to change the basis of  logistical operations from fixed cost to a variable one; paying for the logistics' various components per use only.
  • Human resources - Our workforce is highly proficient and understands the core of activity for our customers and identify with its goals.
  • Management practices and work - Through our lean culture, Flying Cargo utilizes different management and efficiency tools to ensure continuous improvement for the benefit of our customers.

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